What are prospects for bitcoin in 2018? This issue concerns not only traders but also beginners, who want to increase their income in the main cryptocurrency. “Digital gold” is becoming popular, and the higher demand – the more expensive it is. But the risk of falling prices hampers many investors. In this article, we will help you figure out whether it is still worth buying bitcoin or not.

Current positions

As early as the beginning of 2018, we observed a rapid jump in the rate. Bitcoin reached a mark of $ 20,000. And after American exchanges launched the futures, it would seem that the BTC will just rocket. But that did not happen. As it turned out, the block system was not at all ready for such an influx of users, which led to low scalability and weak ability to carry out transactions in a distributed network.

Capital outflow was not desirable for developers, and therefore they used a special mechanism called batching. Batching is the integration of several transactions into one. At the end of February, the price rose to $ 10,000, but until now this has not happened. At the time of publication, the exchange rate is $ 6,501 (June 15). However, the digital currency still strive to occupy the top place and still remains the most popular digital currency.

Why is it worth investing?

The most experts assume that as the result of approaching the emission to the limit of the number of cues (21 million), the rate will move up. Therefore, one should not rush to hasty conclusions. First of all, we should study all pros of buying the crypt in 2018.

  • Bitcoin is considered a promising currency among many traders. Every day more and more of them show their interest in this asset. And this will lead to the fact that in the future the rate will increase at times. Therefore, experts recommend making contributions to Bitcoin in 2018.
  • The question of legalizing this coin makes us think about its advantages. Today, the blockade is a technology of new generation, which is already being introduced into various spheres of the economy. In some countries, a digital money is already legalized and accepted as payment. This all further increases the demand for this asset.
  • We already know that bitcoin has a limited emission. Today, users already have 16.8 million BTC. By the time of approaching the maximum and due to the lack of supply in the market, the price of the crypt will soar. That is, the smaller the coins become, the more expensive they will be.

Why step aside?

In this sphere, it’s not without skeptics. They believe that scammers are most interested in bitcoins and it is unlikely that the crypt will become equal with real money.

Due to the fact that the rate of BTC is very volatile and unpredictable, it can bring not only revenues but also large material losses. You can both easily earn and lose.

In fact, bitcoin is not anything material, only in the form of computer code. And if suddenly you have a problem with its sale, only you will take full responsibility. However, a challenge of big money is a serious argument to start.